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Active Kids at
St Francis Xavier

Before, After and Vacation Care

About This Service

Our service at St Francis Xavier Primary School offers quality before and after school care as well as Vacation Care from within the school grounds. Whilst our after and before school care program is just open to children who attend SFX our Vacation Care program is open to children from ALL schools.

Before School Care:

Start work before the bell does? Our Before School Care program runs from 6:45am to bell time. We provide a healthy breakfast too at no extra cost. In the cooler months could be porridge, or a cooked meal like french toast. During the warmer months we'll have things like cereal and bacon and eggs and a variety of things the kids can choose from as well as big bowl of fruit. 


After School Care:

Our After School Care program will run from bell time to 6pm. We provide a nutritious afternoon tea at no extra cost - maybe a yoghurt bar or hummus and veggie sticks or some freshly popped popcorn, we'll mix it up every day so the kids will never get bored plus we'll have at least 4 different variety of fruits and veggies to choose from. Of an afternoon we'll play a fun physical activity, children will be able to complete their homework if they wish and there will be plenty of time for games and craft too.


Vacation Care:

The fun is endless on school holidays with crafts and sports, cooking and science, incursions and excursions. We pride ourselves on our fun focused programs.

We run from 7:30am - 6pm.

Find me at Swift Street, Ballina

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